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Jason, Paula, Avi, Ryan,

Audree, and Julia

Our family is highly involved and love ministry. Each of our children are involved in ministry and love it. They love being a part of the local church, and love to serve.

We love people and are passionate about reaching the lost and helping people follow Jesus. We are also passionate about people connecting and finding the next step on their spiritual journey. We believe in equipping the church to reach the world, and accomplish the mission of the Church according to the book of Acts.

Nothing brings us more fulfillment and joy than helping people Know Jesus, Find Freedom, Discover Purpose, and Make a difference. Our ministry goal is to facilitate an atmosphere where people can experience the life-transforming power of Holy Spirit. Leading people to Jesus and teaching them how to walk in the power and authority of Holy Spirit in their daily lives is our constant desire. Nothing brings us more joy than seeing broken people healed as they learn to live according to the Kingdom of Heaven.

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